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About the artist:

Having been brought up on the edge of Dartmoor I have always been fascinated and drawn to the magic and wildness of the moor. These vast and moody landscapes have inspired many of my paintings.


I love working with the molten wax as every piece I create is spontaneous and unique, I can never replicate any painting as I am working with a liquid medium.


I have exhibited my work in Devon, Shropshire and in London and love collaborating with other artists and makers.


Having moved back from living in Brighton and London I am now based in the beautiful historic town of Chagford, which is nestled on the edge of the moor. The town has a rich culture of art and making, which is exciting to be part of.

About encaustic art:

Encaustic is a form of art which uses molten wax infused with pigmented colour, which is applied to a surface. It is an ancient art form dating back to the Ancient Greek times. 


My painting process:


I melt pigmented wax blocks onto the surface of a heated dry iron. I then apply the molten wax onto paper with sweeping motions. To add detail I use the tip of the iron, or a stylus, which has changeable nibs.


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