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About the artist:

Having been brought up on the edge of Dartmoor I have always been fascinated and drawn to the magic and wildness of the moor. I paint many different types of landscapes, ranging from seascapes to woodlands and rugged moorland scenes.


I love working with the molten wax as every piece I create is spontaneous and unique, I can never replicate any painting as I am working with a liquid medium.


I have exhibited my work in joint and held solo exhibitions in Devon, Shropshire and in London.


In 2016 I co-founded an art collective called LO_COL, the London Oxford Art Collective which has been set up to be a platform for artists to come together to do joint exhibitions and learn about other forms of art. We had our first exhibition in December 2017 called Beyond The Bricks.

About encaustic art:

Encaustic is a form of art which uses molten wax infused with pigmented colour, which is applied to a surface. It is an ancient art form dating back to the Ancient Egyptian time when it was used to paint depictions on the inside of tombs.


My painting process:

First I melt pigmented wax blocks onto the surface of a heated flatbed iron. I then apply the molten wax onto glossy paper with sweeping motions to create sky effects and the landscape. To add detail I use the tip of the iron, or a stylus, which has changeable nibs.


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